Friday, March 30, 2012


So, there has been a slight change. The owner of this blog is still me. I am still the amazingly awesome and trickiest tricky of the trickies [that sounds SO CLOSE to trekkie... which makes it doubly awesome....]


Aaaaanyway, I had to switch over accounts because... Dun dun DUN... my other one was hacked!!

Some jackass was emailing me [as myself, I might add] saying things like "you really shouldn't leave your account open" blah freakin' blah...


SO. New account. New username [instead of Magical Program, I am the Unlikely Author... which I rather like...].

However, the account is still valid as it was/is separate from the hacked account, so you may keep sending your stories to that email to your heart's delight.


SPEAKING of stories, I have epic news! I have had a lovely young lady submit to me a story, and I am working on getting it all ready for publication in just a few days.

I wouldn't expect it to be too terribly soon as I am taking a trip in a few days, but know it is in the works!

[Note: it would have been done this weekend, except in the mad rush to switch over the account before I lost my mind, my drafts were all lost... lovely]

So that is my epic, very Tricksteresque news. Even though it may LOOK like the blog has changed hands, it has not. I was hacked. But I fixed their wagon. It only took 3 hours of hurried and desperate switching of emails and accounts and deleting things and....


Yeah, um, no....

I think, for this blog, it shall remain "MP"

Just because I can.


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