Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Truth Universally Acknowledged Pt. 4

You know, as a single person, I am constantly aware of my lack of a significant other: TV shows, music, movies, my friends, textbooks, parents, etc... everywhere you look, there is a couple or some other signifier of romance to remind me of my singleness.

Don't get me wrong, though. As a single person, I have many freedoms: I choose where I live, what I do, who I hang out with... the list goes on and on.

And, perhaps as a reaction to the overwhelming pressures put upon singles to "find the one" and settle down, people like to remind me of these freedoms.

However, this becomes a problem when it seems like the people who most often remind me of these benefits are 1. married, 2. engaged, or 3. in a serious relationship of some sort.

Bear in mind, I am NOT referring to parents in this matter. That's an entirely different ball of wax; for the discussion at hand, they (and other married relatives) get a pass.

As for my all of my dear, sweet, loving friends... STFU.

Not only are you not being helpful, you are not being truthful, either.

If being in a relationship is such a raw deal, why are you still with your dearest love?

This romance business is so passé

Oh wait, I forgot... it's because they are your dearest love.


Let's just assume, then, that when they say "Oh, you're better off single" what they are really saying is "I don't know what to say, but I want to be encouraging".

I know you are simply trying to make me feel better, and I respect that.

Just try to respect the fact that you are failing. Miserably.

Because you clearly don't think that I'm better off single, the statement comes across as hypocritical, patronizing, and serves as yet another reminder that I am somehow (in the eyes of society) incomplete and unfulfilled.

But you know what? My world isn't going to end if I stay single forever... because a single life can be just as complete, fulfilling, and joyous as a married one.

The trick is for singles not to buy into society's BS that you have to be in a romantic relationship to be happy and take ahold of the opportunities that the single life presents.

It will certainly help if you don't remind us of your blessings daily.


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  1. About the "you're better off single thing", when it's coming from people who are not single, it's not necessarily patronizing. They probably mean what they say to some extent.

    I know a girl who is in a relationship and when asked if she secretelly wished to break up, she didn't say no. The shit she goes through for her guy... All cause of love. We don't choose who we love unfortunately.

    That's why you're better off single. Why have a stupid chemical reaction controling your life? BTW, this is coming from someone single. I may be open to finding someone, possibly even searching, but I know being single is better. That's why I don't understand why the hell I want someone. I don't even like being in a relationship.

    But you know, I need someone to burry me when I die. That's why 50 is the best age for marriage. No one should get married before that, only be in relationships. Marriage at ages like 30 is riddiculous. Stupid society...

    Enjoy being single and if you happen to find love, then good, even better. For now you can relish your freedom!