Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Evening.... Infidel

So, to make up for not blogging in.... *coughmumblesplutter*.... weeks, I shall post a brief entry on my recent experience.

I got to see Jeff Dunham live.


For those of you not familiar with Jeff Dunham, let me sum up.... he's a middle aged loser who plays with dolls [his words, not mine].

He is actually quite the talented ventriloquist and comedian, and I went to see his live show just a few short weeks ago.

We literally laughed ourselves sick [none of us could talk more than a few words at a time the next day]... to say that he was freakin' funny would be quite the understatement. Add in to the mix that he's fairly good looking [though he doesn't hold a candle to British ventriloquist Paul Zerdin] and you've got one hell an evening.

Now, even though it would have been quite Trickster to do so, I did not record any of it because that is highly illegal, and I feared the wrath of the copyright gods... so here is a link to a past performance featuring Achmed, the Dead Terrorist.



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