Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Truth Universally Acknowledged Pt. 5

"So I'm picking up the pieces, now where to begin?
The hardest part of ending is starting again."
                                - Waiting for the End by Linkin Park

Love sucks.

Well, at times it is true, and you know it. We always try to paint the loveliest picture of roses, moonlight, and happily ever after... and sometimes, it just doesn't work.

Sometimes love isn't rosy, or moonlight-y, or happy. Sometimes, it just plain sucks.

And I'm not just referring to romantic love - this particular post encapsulates all the many different forms of love: friendly love, romantic love, brotherly love, family love... and so forth.

There are so many different ways of loving someone that it can drive you insane. The key to keeping your sanity is honesty.

Honesty speaks truth to us. Sometimes it tell us to shape up and act right, sometimes it tells others to shape up and act right. Listening closely to honesty can have rewarding results - your behavior alters, their behavior alters, lines of communication are restored, whatever. It's all well and good and happy ever after. Good for you.

Unfortunately, honesty can also break apart a relationship that's season has passed: the parent who can't reconcile with their child, the lovers who have grown apart, or the friend who wants more than the other.

You simply need the courage to hear the things you really don't want to. Those heartbreaking times when honesty tells us that, as much as we love the other person, we need to love ourselves and walk away.

It is times like those that love truly sucks. We plug our ears and go "Na na na na na" like we did when we were twelve, hoping honesty will shut up and go away.

But it doesn't matter. Whether we choose to hear or not, honesty speaks.

Are you listening?


Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Sound Beating...

Hello, my followers! At very, very, very long last, I have a story for you.

Unfortunately for me, it is, once again... about me.


Apparently I have angered the Trickster for neglecting to tell his tales. For that, he soundly punished me. It is an amusing tale, so I'll get to it.

One day last week, my sister invited me to go to the gym with her. I decided to be good. It was an off day.

Be that as it may, I went. However, she was going to an "on-your-feet-dance-like-a-fool" workout class. I normally love this type of class. Unfortunately, my gym shoes are quite worn out, and I didn't want to risk making my feet hurt again [they had been giving me problems, and my new shoes hadn't been delivered yet - still haven't, now that I think of it... I digress].

My solution to the problem was simple. Swim! Our gym has, not one, but TWO pools. One for swimming laps, the other for Physical Therapy. And there's NEVER anyone in BOTH pools, right? Nah. [Are you sensing this bit is important? Because it is]

So we go to the gym, my sister goes in to her OYFDLAF workout class, and I head to the pool. There is a guy swimming laps in the big pool. Me, being the considerate person I am, decided to let him have the three lanes all to himself and go to the smaller, PT pool. [Aren't I just self-cons-- I mean, kind and generous?]

No sooner had I dipped into the enticingly warm water than the lovely lady who runs the front desk walks past the big windows that separate this particular pool from the PT area. Crap.

Apparently there's some rule about not swimming in the smaller pool by yourself. And there's NEVER anyone in BOTH pools, right? Nah. [Don't you just love the subtle irony? The very reason I came to this pool is the very reason I can't... oh, you got it? Good. Just checking...)

So I decide that I shall simply have to swim in the lap pool... with the young guy... *gulp*

Well, I didn't actually have to. By the time I got out of the smaller pool and headed toward the bigger one, there was another guy in the three lane pool swimming laps. An older guy. Now, it's a three-lane pool, which means there should have been room for me to swim, but, well.... guys don't share space with each other well. They have this stupid insistence on being as far away from each other as possible. That translates into, I would have had to swim in the center lane.

HOLD IT. All stop. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I'm self-conscious and didn't want to swim between two guys. Yes, this is true. But, I wasn't going to let that keep me from swimming. Nope, not at all. What kept me from swimming is the fact that I can't swim straight to save my life. If I can hug the wall, I'm fine. But since the guys had both of the outside lanes, that wasn't an option. And I wasn't about to risk bumping into the young guy because, hello... that could be taken as flirting O.o

And I didn't want to bump into the old guy because.... ew.

Anyway, so I retreat back to the ladies locker room, hoping that one of them will leave soon. After all, I had over an hour until my sister got out of her workout class. They couldn't stay the entire time, right? Right??


Yes, they stayed the whole time.

But I was SO GOOD (like I said, it was an off day)! I didn't let it bother me - deciding to find it funny, I texted two friends and told them the tale. One of them expressed the appropriate sympathy, and the other laughed congenially at my predicament. Brat.

Lo, and behold! My bratty friend was not entirely a brat. See, we have this picture of a particularly hot guy that we text back and forth when we're having particularly bad days. So just when I'm wondering why she hasn't sent the picture, my phone beeps.

"New Picture Message!"

Glee ensues.

Until my brand new phone gets stuck in a perpetual "Receiving Message" loop that I can't break. For an hour and a half. That's right. I'm already home and dressed from my very interesting trip to the gym before my Dad takes the battery out of my phone and helps me reboot it.

I found out later that was the picture she'd sent. Sweet girl.

Helluva day.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Because I have procrastinated yet again...

... you get another update.

So, I lost my groove with this blog.

I know, right? Hard to catch that.


I decided to get it back. I re-read all previous posts to see what I did differently.

Here's a novel idea: I enjoyed writing them.

I didn't worry about punctuation, grammar, capitalization, spelling, or even sounding SUPER cheesy [which did happen on occasion, I'm not ashamed to admit]. I just wrote, and had fun with it.

Now, let's see if we can do that again! Are you with me?


I'll see you next week.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Update

My drafts are back!!

Apparently it just took them a bit to make the jump.

So I am back to writing and should have another Trickster post up by the end of the week!

Thank you for your patience....


Friday, March 30, 2012


So, there has been a slight change. The owner of this blog is still me. I am still the amazingly awesome and trickiest tricky of the trickies [that sounds SO CLOSE to trekkie... which makes it doubly awesome....]


Aaaaanyway, I had to switch over accounts because... Dun dun DUN... my other one was hacked!!

Some jackass was emailing me [as myself, I might add] saying things like "you really shouldn't leave your account open" blah freakin' blah...


SO. New account. New username [instead of Magical Program, I am the Unlikely Author... which I rather like...].

However, the account is still valid as it was/is separate from the hacked account, so you may keep sending your stories to that email to your heart's delight.


SPEAKING of stories, I have epic news! I have had a lovely young lady submit to me a story, and I am working on getting it all ready for publication in just a few days.

I wouldn't expect it to be too terribly soon as I am taking a trip in a few days, but know it is in the works!

[Note: it would have been done this weekend, except in the mad rush to switch over the account before I lost my mind, my drafts were all lost... lovely]

So that is my epic, very Tricksteresque news. Even though it may LOOK like the blog has changed hands, it has not. I was hacked. But I fixed their wagon. It only took 3 hours of hurried and desperate switching of emails and accounts and deleting things and....


Yeah, um, no....

I think, for this blog, it shall remain "MP"

Just because I can.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Truth Universally Acknowledged Pt. 4

You know, as a single person, I am constantly aware of my lack of a significant other: TV shows, music, movies, my friends, textbooks, parents, etc... everywhere you look, there is a couple or some other signifier of romance to remind me of my singleness.

Don't get me wrong, though. As a single person, I have many freedoms: I choose where I live, what I do, who I hang out with... the list goes on and on.

And, perhaps as a reaction to the overwhelming pressures put upon singles to "find the one" and settle down, people like to remind me of these freedoms.

However, this becomes a problem when it seems like the people who most often remind me of these benefits are 1. married, 2. engaged, or 3. in a serious relationship of some sort.

Bear in mind, I am NOT referring to parents in this matter. That's an entirely different ball of wax; for the discussion at hand, they (and other married relatives) get a pass.

As for my all of my dear, sweet, loving friends... STFU.

Not only are you not being helpful, you are not being truthful, either.

If being in a relationship is such a raw deal, why are you still with your dearest love?

This romance business is so passé

Oh wait, I forgot... it's because they are your dearest love.


Let's just assume, then, that when they say "Oh, you're better off single" what they are really saying is "I don't know what to say, but I want to be encouraging".

I know you are simply trying to make me feel better, and I respect that.

Just try to respect the fact that you are failing. Miserably.

Because you clearly don't think that I'm better off single, the statement comes across as hypocritical, patronizing, and serves as yet another reminder that I am somehow (in the eyes of society) incomplete and unfulfilled.

But you know what? My world isn't going to end if I stay single forever... because a single life can be just as complete, fulfilling, and joyous as a married one.

The trick is for singles not to buy into society's BS that you have to be in a romantic relationship to be happy and take ahold of the opportunities that the single life presents.

It will certainly help if you don't remind us of your blessings daily.